Long Time No Update

September 1, 2010

Well it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here, and I have lots of exciting news. I’m feeling incredibly blessed in life these days. I can now mark a few more things off the list, so I figured it was time to update.

14. Record an EP of music with Jordan and Calvin

First off, Jordan, Calvin, and myself finally finished recording the EP, which I must say feels so good. It was a labor of love getting all those songs recorded, and took up a good chunk of my summer and my gas money since I drove to and from Tallahassee after summer school ended. All in all though, I feel so proud and accomplished that we all really saw the dream through and finished what we started. We got five original songs recorded, and now have a  facebook and a myspace up where people can listen to them online. The only huge bummer is that one of the other recordings we were working on which was a cover of the song “Shelter” by the xx, didn’t come out right.

13. Play an actual show with Jordan and Calvin

On the concert front, we did play Open Mic at the Student Life Center on campus in July. We got to do a three song acoustic set, and considering how we didn’t get to practice ahead of time, we did really well. My little brother came up to Tallahassee with me and actually ending up playing keyboard on one of the songs. The reaction from everyone after we finished was better than I think we all expected. One kid asked us if we had an EP he could buy which was so incredibly flattering, though we sadly had to turn him down as we were still doing some editing. Perhaps the most exciting part of the night though was that one of the girls running Open Mic spoke to us after the show and asked to come back and play Open Mic night again in August. She complimented us on our music, and told us we could be a featured act and play a 25-30 minute set. Usually bands and singers only get to play a song or two, so this was a huge honor.

Naturally, we all agreed to do the show which we played a week and a half ago. This time around, Jordan and Calvin and I really decided we wanted to prepare and practice ahead of time. My younger brother joined in our efforts as our newly anointed band member. Spencer can not only play piano but also drums, and we were in serious need of a drummer. After two straight days of 3 hour practice, we all packed up our instruments and headed to Tallahassee. I was pretty much a nervous wreck the entire day because I knew this was going to be our biggest show yet in terms of crowd and onstage time. Not to mention, a lot of my friends were going to be there watching and I really wanted to impress them.

I felt like it took forever, but we finally got to go onstage. It’s hard to explain the rush of excitement and nervousness you feel up there onstage, especially as a lead singer. I’ve always been shy about singing and had stage fright, which is the reason it took me so long to get involved in music. I felt so confident though as I stood there with my band members and friends behind me, and my closest family and friends out in the crowd supporting me.

The show went so much better than I could have ever imagined. Sure I was nervous and we stumbled in a few places, but overall I’m really happy with how well we did. The nerves faded a little as we got halfway through the set. The true rock stars of the evening were not my brother or me though, but our parents. It’s about a four hour drive from my house to Tallahassee, and we went on at 9 so both my parents skipped out on work early on Friday just to come see my band play live. My mom literally snuck out of work all incognito and planned an operation where my Dad picked her up on a hidden street corner. It was a very CIA maneuver, so kudos Mom and Dad.

For this show, our band actually made copies of the EP to sell at the show. I was expecting to sell a handful maybe of the EP’s, but we actually sold about 16! And so many people came up to the stage after we finished the show to tell us how much they loved our music, and really enjoyed our performance. Hearing the applause and praise just filled my heart with glee, especially after all the hard work the band and I had put into preparing for this show. Suddenly the hours and hours upon practicing, brainstorming, and recording felt like they had paid off ten fold.

As for the future of our band, things are sort of up in the there and yet to be determined. Although it’s fantastic news for Jordan and Calvin on a personal level, their graduation from college this past spring and summer semester marks an unfortunate circumstance for the progress of our music.  Jordan is going off to graduate school in October, Calvin will be starting work back in his hometown, and my little brother is still in high school back in my hometown. In a nutshell, we all are going to be spread out and in different places. I know in the next month, we’re going to try and book another show or two in a central meeting point, but beyond that we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. I do hope we’ll be able to meet again on Christmas break to get some more songs recorded. Regardless of what the future holds, I feel so happy that I have gotten to do as much with the band as I have. The experience has pushed me out of shell and given me the opportunity to perform and record music, which is something that I wholeheartedly love doing.

It’s flattering when people ask me if we’re going to try and get a record deal or tour, but I don’t know. We really only started making music for us, because it’s something we enjoy. I think we’re all open to opportunities that may arise, but at the end of the day I am really happy with what we’ve accomplished–however small and insignificant as that may seem to others.

20. Get all A’s one semester

I took two classes this summer for 6 hours of credit: Principles of Advertising and Visual Rhetoric. I am happy to report that after a lot of hard work and late nights, I ended up with solid A’s in both classes! My college does a plus/minus system with grading, but I got A-A’s, no minuses here! Woohoo! Even though it’s the summer semester, I think this still counts because it was two classes with a regular semester’s amount of material crammed into less than six weeks. In Visual Rhetoric, I had a project due almost every week it seemed and quite a hefty bit of reading, and I’m an English major…I know a thing or two about reading.

I Believe in Magic!

May 24, 2010

I figured it was time to post a new entry about what I have been up to lately. I have mid-terms this week, so I probably won’t have much fun until they’re over! Currently, I’m taking a break from the studying and watching the game 4 of the Magic vs. Celtics. Thank God, the Magic finally are making this game one worth watching and not embarassing their fanbase.

As for my Bucket List, I’ve been busy at work on number 14: Record an EP of music with Jordan and Calvin. Last week I spent probably 3 or 4 days over at Jordan’s working on a recording of one our songs “Beach House.” Recording music is a much longer, and harder process than I ever imagined. I think I now understand why bands and artists spend months in the studio working on new albums.

Jordan, Calvin, and I all just want the songs we work on, to sound as perfect as possible. The struggle for me personally,  is that they are great musicians, and I want my vocals to live up to their instrumental work. They can do a great job at providing the background for the song, but it’s my delivery that really will seal the deal on whether or not people respond to what we’re doing. I find myself constantly critiquing my vocals and just really wanting to get it flawless, which takes a lot of time, thinking, and frustration. Thankfully, I feel like the band and I have a pretty good relationship when it comes to giving honest feedback, support, and collaboration. If I don’t get something right the first take, we just keep recording until it’s something we all can happy with and proud of.

We finally have a myspace up, and while we still have a long road ahead of us in terms of getting the EP ready, I’m really excited for all the work we’ve been putting in. I can feel our group’s enthusiasm. We all really want to make this happen. Even if we as a band don’t ever play a big show or get recognized, it doesn’t matter. We’re doing this for us.  It’s fun and it’s a commemoration of the past year we’ve spent together bonding and making music.

One down!

May 14, 2010

2. Go out to Paradigm.

Woohoo, the first item has already been crossed off the list! I went out to Paradigm Tuesday night with some friends, so I’m actually a bit behind on blogging about it. To be honest, I didn’t even know I was going to go until about 10:30.

It all started at Po Boys. My boyfriend Bryan and I had planned to just meet up with some of our friends there who were having a few beers. Neither of us were really in the mood to go out or to drink, but it was a beautiful night to sit out on the deck at Po Boys and just kick it with friends. We were all just having a good time and laughing when the conversation got a little bit weird. There is this running little joke about how Bryan and I would make good-looking babies, and to say the least, it’s an uncomfortable topic. Bryan always seems to get stiff and weirded out whenever it comes up! I mean, we are kids, so the thought of kids is quite obviously terrifying. However, I did tell Susie and Yelena I would sell them a baby for the right price.

Come time to pay the check, Susie encouraged Bryan and I come to out to Paradigm with her. Apparently there was supposed to be a Beer Pong tournament, and it was free cover. Even though it was unexpected,  Bryan and I decided we may as well go for a little bit. We had nothing better to do, and it wasn’t going to cost us anything, so why not? We headed to Bryan’s house first so he could change into something more appropriate than his beloved “man-tank” (which, by the way, I CANNOT stand) and shorts.

Upon arriving at Paradigm, I was shocked for a few reasons. First off, the bar was actually really clean and urban looking. It has a fancier feel than just your hole-in-the-wall, smoky, billiards bar. The walls were really neat and had exposed brick,  and there’s was huge projection screen with the Lakers vs. Celtic game on. Secondly, it was actually quite empty, which I assume is because it’s summer session and most of my fellow college students have gone back to their hometowns. Althought it was empty and quiet, I actually had a nice time because most of the people in the bar were people I knew well or had met before.

There were tables set up for beer pong, but I just grabbed a table with two of my girlfriends and we just did what girls do best: talk! It was actually quiet enough in the bar to have conversation without yelling into one another’s ears! I feel like that almost never happens when I go out somewhere so it was a refreshing change of pace.

The night wasn’t really a crazy or wild one by any means. It was more of a relaxed evening with friends. The only particulary interesting part of the night, is that one of the bartenders seemed to have a thing for Bryan which I found both amusing and sad. Bryan’s a nice guy, and I guess when they met a two weeks ago, they got along well and she probably interpreted it to mean something more than it did. The expression on her face when Bryan and I walked in together and he introduced me as his girlfriend to her, told me all I needed to know. I’m never bothered when someone is attracted to Bryan and hits on him or something because I take it as a compliment that they think my boyfriend is a looker. It was just weird to actually see someone who seems to have a crush on him react when she saw me. I don’t know if I’d never noticed it before with other girls, but it was interesting.

Anyway, Bryan and I ended up calling it a night around 12:15 AM. Even though my first experience at Paradigm, wasn’t as exciting as I expected it to be, I still had a nice time. I think the bar was just different than I’d anticipated it to be. I was expecting a bigger crowd, and maybe loud music and dancing. Instead I got a tiny crowd, quiet atmosphere and I don’t even remember music playing. There was definitely no dancing! The only action going on was two or three games of beer pong going on at the same time. I’m hoping to go out to Paradigm again and see maybe if it’s any different or busier. Maybe I’ll blog about round 2 if it’s more fun!

College Bucket List

May 3, 2010

If I only have 1.5 years left in college, I might as well come up with a list of things I want to do before I graduate. I figure after every item is checked off the list, I’ll do an entry about it, detailing the experience.  So far, I’ve thought of the following:

  1. Go out to Mint
  2. Go out to Paradigm
  3. Go to Bullwinkle’s when I turn 21
  4. Go to First Friday
  5. Go on a Fraternity Date Function
  6. Host a girls night
  7. Make a roadtrip to visit Auburn University
  8. Make a roadtrip to visit University of Georgia
  9. Make a roadtrip to visit University of Florida
  10. Go to Spring Weekend in Panama City
  11. Party in the Florida Keys with my friends
  12. Go to Karoake night
  13. Play an actual show with Jordan and Calvin
  14. Record an EP of music with Jordan and Calvin
  15. Try and get something I’ve written published
  16. Get a dream internship at a big publishing firm or television network
  17. Learn to play an instrument
  18. Work on a house with Habitat for Humanity
  19. Make the Dean’s List every remaining semester
  20. Get all A’s one semester
  21. Be thrown in Westcott fountain on my birthday

Does anyone have any suggestions for what else to add to the list? Is there something you wish you’d done in college or something you think every college student should do before they graduate? I’d love to hear your suggestions and stories!


May 2, 2010

Time for the awkward first entry of my new blog. Insert awkward silence here: _________.

Okay, so now that we have that over with, let me introduce myself. I’m a college student swiftly on my way to graduation. To be exact, I’m 1.5 years away from the cap and gown celebration of entry into the notorious “real world.” With the impending doom of complete independence just around the corner, I’ve decided to try and make the best of what’s left of my time in college. They’re supposed to be the best 4 years of your life, right?

Thus far I’ve spent one year of college being a social butterfly, and the other as the studious bookworm. What I’ve tried and failed to find though, is the happy medium between both of these identities, and that is what I’m hoping to do with this blog. It’s not healthy to spend all my time in my studies or all my time socializing. I need to find the delicate balance between work and pleasure.

It’s a cliché, but you do only live once. I don’t want to look back on my college experience and have regrets. So here’s to a new blog, and a new start.


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